Funny Soy Wax Scented Candle, Lavender & White Sage Smell, Handmade in

Funny Soy Wax Scented Candle, Lavender & White Sage Smell, Handmade in USA

Type: Housewarming, Aromatherapy
Shape: Glass Jar
Handmade: Yes
Use: Home Decoration, Gift for Housewarming
Product: General Candle
Feature: Scented
Scent: White Sage & Lavender
Material: Soy Wax
Size: 8 oz


Treat yourself

Each of our soy wax candles are crafted by hand with love and intention to clear your mind, to relax, to find your inner calm, to make you smile or to just breathe a little freer.
Our glass candles will bring the spa right to your home.
Our scented candles in glass  will help you to fill your home with a clean and relaxing pure smell of lavender and sage.It is perfect to burn our vegan candles in your home after a long day.
Sage & lavender aroma of our lavender sage candle will help you to relax your mind, to get to sleep easier, to reduce negativity, and even to cleanse your space.

Wonderful Housewarming Gift

Looking for great housewarming gift ideas?
Our funny scented candles are the perfect gifts for a new home.
Our aromatherapy candles have more benefits than only a perfect way to relax.
Our candle made with essential oil is also a great way to enjoy your life. The sticker with the funny quote at our funny scented candles will bring you a good mood and a smile.
Remember, life is better when you are laughing, and laughing is the best way of therapy.


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