Candle Sand (Granulated Eco-friendly Palm Wax for making Candle)

Candle Sand (Granulated Eco-friendly Palm Wax for making Candle)

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Candle Sand - New World Candle trend 2022

Just add candle sand on any vase or glass, put a wick, and the candle is done!

Type: Decoration

Shape: Candle sand (granulated) 

Use: Home Decor, Wedding or Party Decor

Color: White

Scent: No scented

Material: All Natural Palm Wax

Dyes: Dyes FREE

Wick: 100% Cotton Wick

Size: 100grams / 400grams / 800grams / 1 KG / 5 KG

Elegant - Minimalistic and clean look
Luxury - Crisp white color
Fresh - Candle always looks like new
Safe - Will not cause or catch fire
Eco-friendly - 100% vegan palm wax, paraffin-free
Unique - Take shape of any container, vase or glass
Affordable - 2x more cost-efficient (than paraffin)
Easy to use - No dripping, hot wax or cleanup
Healthy - No soot or smell, no carcinogens
Reusable - Reuse the wax again and again
Economical - Burn time of 100grams more than 8 hours!



Tired of seeing the same wedding decor over and over at all the weddings?

Become one of the first ones to boast an elegant and luxury candle set up.

Wow your guests with the most unique and special candles as you are!


Easy Set Up Candles – Use our palm wax to create a unique candle. No need for melting or any additional tools, it isn’t rocket science. Combination of fully natural material and unusual form of presentation will create a wonderful decor candle.


Endless Variety of Vessel Candles – Our wax is made in a form of small balls which takes any shape. It gives you the opportunity to create any candle you wish – big, small, traditional or extremely unique with multiple wicks. Unleash your imagination


Use our granulated wax to create extraordinary candles and get ready to be asked “oh my, where did you find those!?”. Everyone will have a great desire to make a pic of it. Let all your guests remember your special day

Candle Sets

A prepared set of vases of different heights with granular wax and wicks. Different stylish designs

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Clear Glass Vases

We have sizes in the catalog from 5″ to 28″ in height. All sizes are in stock.

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Candle by piece

You can purchase wax for one or more candles for test or everyday interior.


What do you get when ordering the design of bulk candles?

Up to 3 design options

The decorator will evaluate the room for free and offer the best design options.

Fast cost calculation

After getting acquainted with the site, we will offer design solutions within one day.

Always on time

We have our own delivery service. We immediately go to the site, and do not wait for a third-party service.


My Name is Julia

We are a small family, woman owned and operated business based in USA.

At Candleolgy our mission is to Inspire people to create wonderful things and share Happy moments with the loved ones!

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer Experience  and are here to help at any time.

Choose Healthy and Natural and give a try to our Candle Sand!

With love,
Julia S.

We guarantee

Complete preparation of candles for work

You will get perfectly clean flasks and snow-white granules. High filling by 2/3.

Delivery exactly at the appointed time

Delivery to the site there and back, installation and dismantling by our forces.

Transparency of the estimate price

The cost of the work will not change by a cent. We assume all financial risks.