Bloom Soy Candle Making Kit

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Bloom Soy Candle Making Kit

BLOOM kit includes:

Material (Wax): 600g soy wax & 200g beeswax;
Scent: 5ml lavender & 5ml rose fragrance oils;
Color: 2 lavender & 2 rose wax dyes;
Tins: 6x white candle tins;
Melting Pot: 20oz (600ml) candle jug with convenient handle;
Stirring Sticks: 5x wooden stirring sticks;
Wick Holders: 6x wooden wick holders;
Stickers: 6x round & 6x rectangular decorative, 6x warning stickers;
Glue Dots: 10x glue dots;
Wicks: 10x cotton wicks;
Additional Decorations: 6x bottles of glitter, 1x reusable silicone flower mold;
General Items: 1x manual instruction & 1x colorful gift box.
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BLOOM kit details:

Paraffin FREE soy wax & beeswax;
Gift box with flower design is ready to give for any occasion;
Package dimensions: 12x7x5 inch;
Package weight: 4.19 LB.


Candle making kit BLOOM includes two types of natural wax: soy wax for making candles in tins and beeswax for creating flower candles.
Soy wax is made from soybean oil. It is cleaner than traditional paraffin wax, fully biodegradable, burns slower and cleaner, more friendly to your health and environmentBeeswax is another all-natural wax secreted by bees.
This type of wax has its own pleasant honey aroma, is smokeless, non-toxic and has an unique ability to purify the air.


Elegant blooming designs of decorative stickers will make your candles delicate, exquisite and unique as each woman. Emphasize your blooming nature with help of CANDLEOLOGY candles.


Fragrance oils manufactured exactly for CANDLEOLOGY customers. Amazing aroma of rose and lavender will explode your senses, bringing the impression that you are in a blooming garden, enjoying nature, your life and current moment. To feel a light smell please add 10-20 drops to your wax.


PLEASE NOTICE that our dyes have strong color pigment and for receiving light colors of your candles you need to add ⅕ part of one star. For receiving more deep and bright colors add more dyes.

How can you use a BLOOM kit?

Nowadays life is a fast highway. You need to be calm and do not feel any stress to get to your destination. Meditation is the best way for stress relief. Get your mind from usual routines, relax by making your own flower candles.  Make a cup of your favourite tea, light up CANDLEOLOGY candles, switch on relaxing music and flower aroma will bring you closer to nature and you will feel how you fill up with positive energy.

Candles will decorate the space at your home by not only adding extra light in your rooms but also by creating a warm, cozy atmosphere. Our candles will perfectly match your dining table, fireplace, bedroom or even bathroom. Add subtle fragrance to your rooms with scented BLOOM candles that include floral scents.

Candle making is not an ordinary pastime idea, it is a new type of hobby, a new form of art. Candles crafting art gives you the opportunity to create candles in the form that you wished, using colors and scents you preferred. Candle craft is a wide field where a stop sign is just your imagination.

Candle making sets are great gifts from both sides, whether crafting candles by your own hands and giving as a gift, or giving a candle making kit to people who love to create amazing things by their own hands. A CANDLEOLOGY gift box with soft colored flowers on it is ready to be given for any occasion to your beloved ones.

General candle safety moments:

Keep candles out of reach of children.
Do not eat or taste candles.
Light candles in a well-ventilated room.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.